I did some more testing and changes on the MiSTer -> Astrocade interface and have made some changes. Main PCB now includes a ‘Menu’ button to bring up the main OSD. The third speech only channel has been added for Wizard of Wor and I fixed the missing track from V2.

The RGB board has also had a change, I added some mounting holes (always useful!) and have moved the composite circuit for black and white Space Zap over to here.

I have also decided on a solution to the part that has been annoying me since the first version. The volume did not go as high as the original PCB. After trying many solutions I decided the easiest is to have an optional new amplifier PCB for your cab. (Only needed if you want it to go loud)

I still need to test the composite signal for space zap and try out the three possible power supplies. (direct 5v from loom, K7805-2000 regulator or LM2596 DC-DC converter)

Anyone near Norfolk UK have a Wizard of Wor, Robby Roto or Space Zap cab I could use to test the adapter boards ?

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