• Bally Astrocade Interface – Gorf update

    The MiSTer image for Gorf using the Astrocade interface has been updated.

    For those of you running them in an arcade environment where customers have to put money in, it will now accept coins from both coin slots (with separate options in the DIP settings)

    In addition, the SLAM will now work, so if someone shakes that cab hard enough, then the game will reset.

    Finally, the test switch on the sound board should work, as well as the service option in the DIP settings.

    Late addition, coins and start buttons should now work immediately and not need the player 1 joystick moved first.

    Get it from the usual place (over here)

  • Xeltek Superpro on Windows 11

    Since Windows 10 becomes an unsupported OS next year, I re-enabled secure boot on Windows 10 (via the BIOS settings for my motherboard) so that Windows Update would let me perform the update to windows 11.

    Once that had all completed, I disabled it again and my machine now boots into Windows 11 and still lets me use my Xeltec 280U programmer.

    Because I updated from Windows 10, the system setting for Core Isolation – Memory Integrity was disabled. If you do a clean install then this defaults to enabled – This needs to be disabled for the EZUSB driver to work.

    Click here to see full information and download the necessary files.

  • Store now live

    After some experimenting with layouts / shipping and generally learning to use it, the Store is now live and ready to use.

    I’ve only put a few PCBs on there for the moment and until the next delivery there isn’t many of those available yet. More items will appear once I have finished sorting the backlog and tested the newer boards.

    If you would like items shipped to anywhere other than UK / USA / Some parts of Europe then you will need to Mail Me so that I can sort out a shipping option for the relevant country.

  • Bally Astrocade interface – Update BOM

    I’ve updated the bill of materials for the Astrocade interface a little. Two items have been changed to have better descriptions and where people have let me know part numbers from Mouser or Digikey I have added them on.

  • Site Security Update

    With some changes to the website planned over the coming weeks, it has become necessary to improve the security a little.

    So, with the assistance of an SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt the site has now moved across to HTTPS at long last.

    Hopefully I have configured everything properly and it won’t end up by locking anybody out.

  • Bally Astrocade interface for MiSTer – Done

    Version 2.3 of the PCB has arrived, been assembled and tested … and it works without any wire patches!

    There is, however, one minor problem. I added some extra bits of screen print on the wrong side. This has now been fixed on the gerbers and any future boards will be correct, but I am not changing the version number for that minor problem. (there are only 10 PCBs that have this defect, so should not cause any problems in the long run)

    This is what it should look like

    On the sound filter section of the PCB, the second capacitors are tantalum, which means they have polarity so there should be a small + sign to show which way they are fitted.

    Check out the Bally Astrocade interface pages on the menu under “Mister” for more details of the board and assembly.