Arcade Collection

This is the list of Pinballs, Cabs and PCB’s I own. (seldom complete, because most of the time I have no idea what I actually own, what I have borrowed and what I lent out!)


AmeridartsAmerican GamesTrackball driven Dart Game
Bomb JackBootlegFly around the screen, pick up the bombs.
BombermanBootlegBlow up everything, try not to blow up yourself.
Cup Final (2 off)TaitoFootball game on F3 hardware
Dark MistTaitoMedieval commando style game
DJ BoyKaneko / SegaHorizontal scrolling Skate’ em Up.
Do Run RunUniversalMr Do but on a multi-level maze with extra weapons.
Fire TrapBootlegCrazy Climber like game with Fires added for more fun
Galaxian MultigameMidwayShoot the dive bombing invaders + others (see Multigame page)
Golden Tee GolfITTrackball driven Golf Game
H.E.R.OCentury CVSHunchback Esmerelda Rescue Operation
HunchbackCentury CVSHunchback evades the castle guards
Logic Pro 2DeniamMinefield makes it to the Arcade Screen
Make TraxWilliamsPaint the Maze, avoid the cats and other obstacles.
Mr DoUniversalSnowball throwing dude chased through the garden by strange monsters.
Mr KougarGrossGerman game – Like Jumping Jack on the home computer. Scramble Hardware.
New FantasiaComadQix like game with naked ladies and horror pics.
Pitfall IISegaDavid Crane’s classic treasure hunt game from home computer in arcade form.
PushmanSammyPush the blocks around the maze to escape to the next room.
Puyo Puyo 2Compile / SegaCute Tetris style game. Japanese version.
ScorpionBootleg (Galaxian H/W)Scramble like game but with spiders and scorpions
Side ArmsCapcomHorizontal Scrolling Shoot’em Up
Slap FightBootlegVertical scrolling shoot em up
Space Panic (2 Off)UniversalPlatform and Ladders game where you dig holes to trap monsters.
Street Fighter 2 – World WarriorBootlegOne of many variations on this famous beat’em up.
Super CobraKonamiScramble but this time in a helicopter (on loan)
Super PangBootlegMay not be original, but that means there is no suicide battery!
The InvadersZaccariaTheir version of the classic game. Uses an S2650 CPU.
Toy PopNamcoCute maze puzzle game.
US ClassicTaitoGolfing game played with Trackball.