Multigame Screens

The Menu

This gives a view of the game selection menu. The joystick can be used to select the required entry, and the fire button will start that game. (or go into the settings menu if that is selected)

Only games that can be played using the controls selected in the settings will appear, so if you only have left/right joystick or a single fire button for instance, then Scramble will not be included.

The default to return to this menu is to press both Start 1 and Start 2 together. This works well in Freeplay mode on the coin selection.

If you wish to use coins to play the games, it is recommended that you add the optional ‘Return to Menu’ button.


Of course this has to be included and is the standard version of Galaxian. But it now has a top 5 high score table added so you can keep a record of all of those brilliant scores for everyone else to try and beat.

Moon Cresta

Moon Cresta is a multi screen shoot them up with four different alien attack patterns followed by a ship docking manoeuver. If you successfully complete this then your ships join together to give you more fire power for the next wave.


This is an excellent French variation on the game more commonly known as The End.

I have always been a fan of the original, and I have played both quite a bit. I’m beginning to prefer this version.

There are a few differences that make it that little bit more challenging.

If you don’t like it having FIN as the game screen I have added a DIP switch setting to change it to END instead.


Another all time classic. The sideways scrolling, multi-leveled Scramble. Due to limitations of the galaxian hardware the bullets are short lines rather than the dots of the original.

War of the Bugs

It’s a copy of another all time favourite, but from the guys at Armenia and called War of the Bugs.

This one a single high score name saved and kept for all to see.

Galaxian Part X

There were many versions of galaxian with extra tweaks such as bendy bullets, turbo charged aliens and larger swarms.

From all of the various hacks, this one retains the playability of the original, but increases the challenge.


From one of the earlier multigames, Black Hole makes a return.

This time I discovered that the version I have was in fact a bootleg with the copyright message blanked out.

So we still don’t know who was responsible for this masterpiece of programming.

Lady Bug

This is one of the new games to be included, a version of Universal’s Lady Bug.

Along with War of the Bugs, another reason you need to have a 4 way joystick.


This makes the transition from the previous multigame to become number 9 in the line up.

Single named high score added, all the other bits are in there, shared coinage and DIP settings.


This sneaks in at number 10, having had to avoid various obstacles on the way. (seems apt, giving that is what you have to do in the game)

A fair amount of changes required to this one, the most obvious being colours.

Other changes and fixes include correct musical scales so the tunes sound better (thanks Ivan), top 5 named scores and the normal software settings.

Mr Do’s Nightmare

Since Ivan provided assistance with Frog, it seems right that his custom written game makes it in at last.

There is about a dozen screens to see, and so far I’ve not made it past the fifth one, so it would appear to be quite challenging. (apparently, there’s a bonus screen as well!)

Video Pool

This makes a change from all the frantic shooting games, although, of course, you still get to try for the pot shots.

Usual features included, but only a single named high score (I’m running out of battery backed ram to use) so the normal high score table has been converted to ‘Todays Best’ in the vein of Williams games.


Another multi-screen shoot’em up with a lunar lander section to keep you on your toes.

Normal changes are in there, DIP switches, invert switch, single named high score

Devil Fish

The game I have had most requests for makes it in.

A couple of unexpected changes required for this one, the first being to make it work on an unmodified galaxian PCB.

That surprised me to start with as all of the Artic games I have ever seen were part of their cartridge system, but this one used a different interrupt method and I cannot remember seeing any additional wiring that would implement this?

Anyway, here it is for ‘normal’ PCBs.

Most of the normal changes, software DIPs, common coinage, invert switch, but this time you only get the single high score and not even a name entry (There is no room to add the necessary code into the program)


This is the final game from the 8 game version to move across.

All 8 are now included, which means the next game is something new.

This game has all of the normal tweaks, software DIP settings, shared coinage, orientation and the single named high score entry.


A combination of maze games and painter games with pigs, apes, paint brushes and different types of enemy all relentlessly hunting you down.

Normal changes, but this game only saves the 3 highest scores. No names possible since the character set doesn’t include the entire alphabet!

Moon Alien

I’ve been meaning to add some extra games to the multigame for a while, and received a request to add Moon Alien 2.

Big difference from normal galaxian is the addition of the energy bar, so you now have to clear the levels against the clock.

All of the things you now expect from the multigame, this time with single named high score entry.


Another game creeps in to join the others, this time it’s a fun maze game from Jaleco called Dingo.

It’s harder than it looks, but I’ve almost worked out a fool proof way to clear the screen and avoid the Dingo’s.

Super Invader Attack

This game, originally from Zaccaria joins the line up.

It’s a variant of the classic Space Invaders theme and is one of the hardest to play (if you have the homing missile enabled it follows you so that you can no longer hide below the bases).

Not totally complete, as I have not yet sorted out the high score saving.

Clean Sweep

This is a galaxian hardware version of a fun Vectrex game.

Written by myself when I was stuck in hotel rooms a couple of evenings a week for work and wanted something to do other than watch the TV!

Ivan gets credit as well as I used the high score and control mapping from his game.

Guttang Gottang

This is a version of Locomotion that was adapted for Galaxian hardware. It needed some errors fixed and the colours sorting out, but now joins the other games in the Multigame.

Settings screen

There are global settings, which affect all of the games as well as separate DIP settings for each of the games (number of lives, bonus lives etc.) – whatever the game supported originally.