Multigame Information

This is a relatively easy to fit multi-game hack for use on a standard Galaxians PCB, (upright or cocktail). It currently allows you to select from up to 20 different games, although some require additional controls. (4 way joystick and/or second fire button).

Multigame installed on PCB
Multigame installed on PCB

It uses plug in daughter boards that make fitting much easier. Best case will require a single wire to be soldered, worst case will require you to remove the colour prom and fit a socket there as well. It is now free for you to make your own.

  • Grab the gerbers here, and get a set of PCB’s made up. 
  • Then grab the program files for the eproms and GAL here. (Beta version with Clean Sweep here)
  • You can also modify the PCB layout (using Eagle or import to Kicad or similar) here.
  • If you make one or more up, then please make a donation to the WWF or Buy me a Coffee.

Features in this version include :-

  • Software DIP settings
  • Global settings for table type, screen flip and coinage, including free play
  • High score saving, either single score or high score tables.
  • Return to menu from any game, to allow selection of another.
  • Games start immediately, memory test is only performed on initial power up.
  • Credits can be saved across games (needs the optional ‘Return to Menu’ button wiring up)
  • Cocktail mode supported by all games for table top use.

Current Status

The company where I used to have the PCBs manufactured has ceased doing PCBs. The Gerber files were tailored specifically to meet their requirements so are not necessarily usable by other companies as they are.

Guru, of Mame dumping fame, has re-worked the PCB layouts to make use of some more easily available components and that is nearing completion. Once these have been manufactured and tested then I should hopefully have some available. These do use some surface mount components (as they are easier to get!)

If you wish to have an old style PCB you can get them made up yourself from the Gerbers / Eagle files provided or let me know and I can re-create the older PCBs with constraints suitable for a different PCB manufacturer.