The gerber files for the Galaxian multigame are now available here! – It started off as a easy to fit version of the 8 game, since they were a real pain to solder all the wire links for the colour prom.

Shipping around the world for kits has been getting increasingly dodgy, with more parcels going missing this year than they have over the previous 15, besides  my stock of the components needed has dwindled.

Well, now you can get the PCBs made up yourself, most of the parts are still available from ebay or old PCB’s (dead bootleg SF2s are a particularly good source for the GAL chips, and many been recycled this way).

If you make one (or more) up, then please make a donation to the WWF or Buy me a Coffee..

n.b. There still may be one more game to go in there at some point, as I have basically completed Clean Sweep, just need to sort out the menu and high score changes for it.

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