Well, like most people, I don't have everything that I would like, so thought I would take the opportunity to list any specific items here. If you have any of these items, and are willing to part with them for trades, money or even for me fixing your PCB's or installing a multi-game for you then drop me a line

PCB's (dead or alive)

Taito Crazy Balloon PCB

Universal PCB's from the 'Cosmic' Era (Cosmic Guerilla etc)

Full Machines 

These can be anything from woodwork upwards, need not have monitors / PCB's / PSU or be in working condition. Control Panel, Bezel and Marquee would be nice though

Space Panic

Cosmic Guerilla

Gorf Cabaret

Other Parts

Atari Vector power block (for my test bench setup)

Peter Packrat Joystick (Blue handled battlezone style)

Midway Galaxian Upright Bezel 

Fluke Pods

Fluke 9100

Spare IC's : Proms and Static Ram, TTL etc.