This is the list of boards that I have waiting for me to get around to making a loom, testing or fixing - It's mainly here so I know what I'm yet to get around to doing.


Any that I have tested / fixed will be greyed out until I get around to re-using the shelf space

No Game Maker Comments
1 Frogger Bootleg No Sound (No Amp Chip!)
2 Tutankham Bootleg Untested
4 Tokio ? Bootleg Untested
5 Jackal Konami H1 custom error
6 Amidar Konami Untested
7 Chopper 1 Bootleg Text is stretched, rest seems OK
8 Pocket Girl Bootleg Untested
9  Indoor Soccer Universal Untested
10 Asteroids Atari Untested / Missing CPU, Rom / Y Gain pot broken
11 Dribbling Model Racing Untested / Missing CPU and PROM
13 Pacland Namco Missing A7,L9,R3 customs
15 Bomb Jack Bootleg Untested / missing roms
16 Track and Field ? Bootleg Untested
17 Carrier Airwing Bootleg Untested
18 Violence Fight Taito Graphic problem
19 Sly Spy Data East Sprite custom needs re-soldering (SMT)
21 Moon Patrol Bootleg Untested
22 Donkey Kong Nichibutsu Crazy Climber hardware (with security!)
23 Crazy Kong Falcon Untested
24 Pacman Bootleg Untested
26 Caveman Ninja Data East Untested
27 Donkey Kong Jnr Bootleg Untested / Hardwire loom / No Amp / No Colour Proms
29 Bakuba-Louk No Densetsu Bootleg Untested
30 Hyper Olympics Bootleg Untested
31 Son of Phoenix Proma Untested
32 Nibbler SNK Untested / Missing sound board?
33 Rygar Bootleg Untested
34 Super Qix Bootleg Minor Sync problem
37 King Boxer Woodplace Untested
38 Commando Capcom Untested
39 Astyanax Jaleco Some inputs not working
40 Toki Tad Untested
41 Shinobi Bootleg Dead
42 Pleiades Bootleg Untested
43 Phoenix Bootleg Untested
44 Bubble Bobble Bootleg Untested
45 Land, Sea, Air Squad Bootleg Untested
46 Double Dragon Bootleg 63701 error
47 Mortal Kombat Bootleg Midway roms / No Sound (pot broken)
51 Ladybug Universal Screen of Junk
52 Tokio Bootleg Untested 
53 Bomb Jack Bootleg Untested / missing eprom / missing amp
55 Lazarian Midway Untested / No sound board
56 Unknown Meadows Untested / 024-0045 (c) 1976
57 Qbert Bootleg Untested
58 1942 Capcom Graphics Fault
59 Bad Dudes vs Dragon Ninja Data East Untested
60 Galaxian Subelectro Untested / dirty
61 Revolution X Midway Untested / needs guns
62 Galaxia Zaccaria Untested / Complete
63 Ghost'n'Goblins Bootleg Quiet Sound
64 Video Pool Bootleg Dead / missing ram / missing sprite ram
65 Van Van Car Sanritsu Untested
66 Vanguard SNK Untested
67 Guzzler Tehkan Untested
68 Pengo Bootleg Untested / missing amp
69 Popeye Bootleg Untested / missing chip / missing crystal
70 Video Pool Bootleg Scramble Hardware, No Sprite Ram
71 Knockout ? Untested
72 Vatour Jeutel Untested Phoenix 
73 Space Panic Universal No Eproms / cocktail PCB
74 Scorpion Zaccaria Untested
75 Crystal Castles Atari Untested
76 Galaxia Zaccaria Untested / Video board only
78 Choplifter Sega Untested
79 Booby Kids Bootleg Bad Sync / No Sound
80 Golden Axe Bootleg Reset problem (fitted with 32 * 27512)
81 Space Panic Universal Untested
82 Secret Agent Data East Priority problem
83 Head On Bootleg Missing Ram (with sound board)
84 Triva Quiz Greyhound Untested / With question PCB
85 Triva Quiz Greyhound Untested / With question PCB
86 Breywood Data East Graphics problem
87 Crazy Climber Nichubutsu Untested
88 Scramble Konami Untested
89 Snow Bros Bootleg Graphics glitch in line 0 of screen
90 Space Panic Universal Graphics fault
91 Area 51 Atari Won't sync / No Hard Drive
93 Devil Zone Universal Random Graphics
94 No Mans Land Universal Random Graphics
96 Tiger Heli Bootleg Untested
99 Oscar Data East Some tiles wrong
102 Qix Taito Untested
103 Hunchback Century on Scramble bootleg / Untested
104 Quiz Game Senko on Jump Bug bootleg / Untested / Missing question roms
105 Dark Mist Taito Sprite corruption / plane missing (dead SE10021BU) - Sound OK!
106 Sega
107 Karate Champ Data East Untested
108 Frontline Taito Untested / Missing volume pot 
109 WWF Superstars Bootleg Untested / 20 x 27C010 eproms!
110 Snow Bros Toaplan Dead
111 Gyruss Konami Garbage on screen
113 Galaxian Gamepack Bootleg Crazy Kong cartridge fitted
114 Bay Route Bootleg Stuck address on background screen, glitches


Plastic Box 1

Game Maker Comments
Final Fight  Unknown Untested
Quiz Game CVS Galaxian variant with CVS protection chip - missing roms
Quiz Game CVS Galaxian variant with CVS protection chip - missing roms
Quiz Game CVS Galaxian variant with CVS protection chip - missing roms
Quiz Game CVS Galaxian variant with CVS protection chip - missing roms
Street Fighter 2 Unknown

Playchoice 10

Nintendo Empty Sockets
World Cup 90 Tecmo Dead
Galaxian Unknown with 'Scrumble' roms - Competitive Video
Galaxian Unknown
Twin Cobra Taito Burnt resistors on video circuit
Ghost and Goblins Unknown Quiet sound

Plastic Box 2

Game Maker Comments
World Rally Gaelco Untested
TOKI Bootleg
Seibu Soccer Seibu
Unknown SNK Untested
Kung Fu ? (labelled) Bootleg Untested
Kung Fu ? (labelled) Bootleg Untested

Mr Do

Bootleg Missing CPU
Invaders Bootleg
Magic Maggot SIDAM
Unknown Universal Board ID 8400
Unknown SIDAM
Unknown SIDAM

Plastic Box 3

Game Maker Comments
Driving Force Bootleg On galaxian hardware
Bongo Bootleg On galaxian hardware
Circus Charlie Konami
Road Blasters Cart Atari
Galaxian Namco No Sprite Ram
Galaxian  Bootleg
Galaxian Bootleg

Magic Maggot

Struggler SIDAM Untested
Galaxia Zaccaria CPU Board Only
QIX Bootleg 6802 and roms missing
Pacman Bootleg
Carnival Gremlin CPU and Sound board - untested

Plastic Box 4

Game Maker Comments
Solomons Key Bootleg Untested
Galaxia Zaccaria CPU Board Only
Struggler SIDAM Untested
Circus Bootleg Untested
Pisces Centuri Untested
Pisces Centuri Untested
Birdie King 2 Taito Untested


Bootleg Untested - Missing socketed chips
Squash Gaelco Untested
Double Dragon 2 Bootleg Untested
Knights of the Round Bootleg Untested
Karate Champ Data East Dead - blank screen
Pang Bootleg Missing PAL at 1B

Plastic Box 5

Game Maker Comments
Survival Arts Tecmo Bad CPU connection (smt)
Power Instinct Unknown Sync / Sound
Super Pacman Namco Untested / Missing eprom / pin broken on prom
F1 Dream Capcom No picture
Oscar Data East Blocky / Address line on background
Choplifter Sega Untested

Super High Impact

Williams CPU and Sound board
Invaders Sound Board
Scramble Bootleg
Legionairre TAD Dead
Top Ranking Stars Taito Missing eproms and PAL

Plastic Box 6

Game Maker Comments
Final Lap 1 Namco
Space Invaders Bootleg Missing roms and CPU
Space Invaders Bootleg Complete - Untested
Last Mission Data East Missing connection cables, some eproms
Crazy Kong Bootleg Galaxian Hardware
Dynablaster bootleg black screen
Captain Commando Bootleg missing graphics plane
Main Event Konami Untested
Bomb Jack ? Original CPU board, bootleg graphics board
Galaga Bootleg Stars display, may be eprom missing
Play girls Hot B Dodgy ram soldering
Pacman Bootleg

Plastic Box 7

Street Fighter 2 Bootleg 6 off
Olympic Soccer Bootleg 2 off
Quiz Game Zilec Galaxian style hardware, missing eproms
Final Fight Bootleg Untested
Hit the Ice Taito Untested
World Cup 90 Bootleg 2 off
Squash Gaelco Untested
Mortal Kombat Bootleg Untested

Plastic Box 8

Street Fighter 2 Bootleg 4 off
Scramble  Bootleg
World Cup 90 Tecmo missing common ram
Golden Tee Fore IT No hard disk
World Cup 90 Bootleg 3 off
US Classic
NBA Jam Williams CPU & Sound
Main Event Konami Another one ?
Mortal Kombat 2 Williams CPU Only
Mortal Kombat 2 Williams CPU Only

Plastic Box 9

Street Fighter 2 Bootleg 4 off
Mortal Kombat  Bootleg Untested
Street Smart Bootleg Untested
World Cup 90 Tecmo 4 off
Amplifier PCB Atari
Seibu Soccer Seibu Untested
Jurassic Park Unknown Untested
Galaxian ? Pins, not egde connector

Plastic Box 10

Asteroids Atari Untested
Asteroids Deluxe Atari Untested
Pinball CPU Version 3 Data East Dead
Galaxian Bootleg 6 off
Galaxian (Cocktail) Bootleg 2 off
Pinball Sound Board Data East Dead
Invaders Zaccaria Missing CPU

Plastic Box 11

Galaxia Zaccaria Untested
Ultimate Tennis Art and Magic No screen output
World Rally Gaelco Dead
Road Fighters Konami Possibly some chips missing lower PCB
Martial Champ Konami Missing ram and a couple of other chips
Legionairre TAD missing amp
Zero Point Unico
Crude Buster Data East Screwy graphics
Ikari Warriors bootleg missing eproms
Mortal Kombat  Bootleg
Gunsmoke bootleg missing eproms / colour proms
Cup Final Taito
World Cup 90 Tecmo
Whizz Philko dodgy graphics, no sound
EDF Jaelco missing roms, ram and a couple of TTL
Time Pilot bootleg
Mr Do bootleg missing CPU
Dynablaster bootleg

Plastic Box 12

Robocop Bootleg iffy graphics, wrong colours
Exerciser Jaleco basically works, slightly odd graphics - maybe missing roms
Galaxian (Cocktail) bootleg 2 off
Galaxian bootleg
Chase HQ Taito missing 2 rams, hybrid loose
Lethal Enforcers Namco
Crush Roller Bootleg
Asteroids Bootleg
Amidar Konami
Crime City Taito missing ram
Golfing Greats Konami missing amp, 4 ram chips and 2 eproms
Shaolins Road bootleg no roms
Golden Tee Golf Various 3 off

Purple Box

Game Maker Comments
CVS Boards Century Lots of boards - estimated 8 complete sets + spares - Currently untested.



Game Maker Comments
Rampage Bally Midway Untested - but now complete!
Wizard of Wor Bally Got the control panel, have to wire it up one day!

--- Unsorted below here ---

Plastic Box

Game Maker Comments
Jurassic Park Unknown Untested
Slap Fight Bootleg Shared memory error
Olympic Soccer Seibu Untested
Lethal Crash Race Dead
TV Quiz   Untested


Data East Missing Graphics Plane
Raiden Dead
Cosmic Guerilla Universal Sync problem
Galaxian Bootleg with 'Scrumble' roms - Competitive Video
Juno First Konami Untested
Indiana Jones Cartridge Atari Rom Fault


Grey Box

Game Maker Comments
Trivia Quiz Greyhound Untested
Euro League  Bootleg Probably Works
Euro League  Bootleg Probably Works
Euro League  Bootleg Probably Works
Euro League  Bootleg Probably Works
Slick Shot I.T. Probably works
Mortal Kombat Bootleg Untested
Devastators Konami Untested
Unknown Sun Electronics TVX-2


Apple Box

Game Maker Comments
Galaxian Bootleg Scramble Roms
Quiz Game Bootleg Missing Roms
Quiz Game Bootleg Missing Roms
Quiz Game Bootleg Missing Roms
Quiz Game Bootleg Missing Roms
World Cup 90 Tecmo Dead
Pinball PSU board Data East 520-5047-00 Rev C