This is information that I have discovered which may be of use to someone else. It's a mismatch of equivalent components, sources for rare components and links for manuals and datasheets!

Static Ram

Chip ID Size  Equivalent Parts PCB's found in (amongst others)
2114 1k x 4 TMS4045 Galaxian, Pacman
27LS00 256 x 1  74LS01, 74S200, 74S201, 82S0682S1693411, 93421, TM107, HM2504 Galaxian, Billiards
2107 4k x 1 AM9060, SGS2680,  TMS4060, M38510, 23501, MM5280N Space Invaders
7489 16 x 4 MB461, AM31L01 Pacman 
93415 1k x 1  HM2511,  74S309, 2125, 2102 Pacman

Colour = Open Collector, Colour = Tri-State (It is sometimes possible to use one in place of the other, it depends upon the circuitry around it)

Other Chips

Chip ID What Equivalent Parts PCB's found in
AD65 Sound OKI6295 SMT chip, Korean Games
AM6012 DAC AD312 Atari Vector Games
Winbond WF19054 Sound AY3-8910 Many
DS40986 Eprom 27C010 WC90 bootleg
KS8001 Sound YM3812 Korean Games
KS8002 Sound YM3014 Korean Games
UA3403 Op-Amp LM324, LM2092N, MB3614 Galaxian Bootleg

Spare Parts

Item Parts Included Possible Uses
Atari Hard Disk controller (ST) 8085 CPU Phoenix
Epson scanner (3 pass) 8085 CPU Phoenix
Acetronic MPU2000 Console S2650 CPU, S2636 Graphics Chip Century Video System, Zaccaria Quasar & Galaxia, Zaccaria 'The Invaders'


Eprom Speed Markings

I spent ages looking around for this sort of information, so thought I'd better stick it somewhere that I cannot lose it. If you have documents with any more information on eprom settings / speeds, please let me have a copy!

Maker Eprom Markings Speed
ST SGS Thomson M27##-1F1

















Data IO 29a / 29b

I have a Data IO 29A eprom programmer, mainly for three rail devices (2708's etc), although it's also good for bipolar proms. I managed to get it working (with some help from Leopardcats page - the serial lead does work OK on a 29A) I've decided to add the manuals for the programmer and the Unipak 2 (DjVu format) and also a copy of the Promlink software that I have which has been patched to work on 2ghz+ CPU's. (Back in 1994 when the last version of promlink was released, they probably were not expecting CPU's to get that fast!!)

Data IO 29A Manual

Unipak 2 Manual

Promlink 6.10 Programs (with Speed Patch) 

If you know any more equivalents, or some unusual sources of spare parts, then let me know