Whats New in 2008

26th October 2008

I have finally been trying to make the patch panel that I have been wanting to do for several years. The cost of the 90 banana sockets and 60 banana plugs had always meant that it would be too expensive. Now, thanks to a recently won ebay auction I have enough sockets and plugs to make a couple of them, and without having to pay the 99p plus that places in the UK generally seem to charge. Layout completed, drilling done, sockets fitted - just need to wire everything up now.

I've also found out why most of this site does not appear to be on google anymore - so I have added this sitemap so that the little web-bots can find their way around. (it used to appear, so not sure when they stopped understanding the java links!)

n.b. At the moment I have no multigame kits available, as the company that used to make the PCB's for me has increased their prices to virtually double what they used to cost. Since they were already the most expensive part of the entire kit, I'm looking for somewhere new to make them for me. If you know of any cheap companies that do PCB's in small runs from Eagle artwork, the let me know.

22nd September 2008

Fun trying to update the website - Frontpage seems to have decided to remove ALL of the formatting - I thought it was meant to make life easier, not trash everything. Anyway, theme re-applied throughout but probably looks different in a few places. I'm glad my other website doesn't use any frontpage specific bits, at least it means that one survived intact! Anyway, somewhat later than originally planned, here is the news on the multigame changes at last.

10th September 2008

Super Invader Attack finally reaches a good enough level to be worth some wider testing. The early versions showed up some problems that took a while to solve. Some other changes to the menu, games are now in alphabetic order, rather than the semi-random order that they were in. Pretty much everything is in for Super Invader Attack except the high score saving. If no further serious problems arise, I'll get around to adding that in. 

26th April 2008

Been converting an old poker cab into a horizontal mame cab, now need to decide what games to put in it - having a random look though mame and I found some good games that I had never heard of before, not sure that I have time to try all 6500+ that it supports to see what they are like.

3rd February 2008

Another year goes whistling past ...

Just looking at a weird galaxian PCB for someone, based on the original design, but totally re-laid with altered video output stage and amplifier chip. Because of the cable used on it I guessed at an Irem board, and a quick check reveals that they made one game on galaxian hardware called UniWarS (that's what it says on the front of the manual!) and it appears to match the pinouts. I've added the pinouts to the galaxian pinout page in case you need them.