Whats New in 2006

22nd November 2006

I was sent a multigame board that was not working to diagnose a problem, and discovered that the NVRAM chip had developed a fault, which was stopping the game from running correctly. Because of this I have added an additional memory test to the bootup sequence that tests this memory. It does not clear any of the high scores or settings, but should manage to discover memory errors that would stop the games from running.

If this check discovers an error, then the screen will fill with 4's (see the troubleshooting page for more info)

23rd September 2006

Finally managed to get the new PC setup with most of the programs I regularly use, took the opportunity to scan my Space Panic manual, so if you need this, including schematics, then grab it from here - drastic improvement over the previous one, with readable schematics, and still less than 1mb in size!

Object test is almost complete for the galaxian tester, so apart from one other test I may add in that's basically it, so I'd better get around to sorting out the Z80 board page. (Single PCB, can be used for galaxian high score, galaxian tester, single rom adapter for Galaxian, Pacman and MS Pacman and you can program your own high score savers etc, for z80 based games!)

21st August 2006

Back from holiday, and time to get the Galaxian test utilities complete, as I have a few galaxian PCB's waiting here to be fixed. So, first off is the addition of the sound test screen. this lets you toggle the main sounds, and also play various things on the tune generator circuit.


Since we are on the subject, I had to fix a friends PCB recently, after it decided to develop a fault whilst I was doing a rom upgrade. that was fairly odd, so it makes it into the repair log.

6th July 2006

The ZVG has finally made it out of storage, and is connected to the Asteroids cab. After some initial problems, as the brightness on the ZVG needed increasing before it displayed anything, I managed to use the test screen for the ZVG, and in Asteroids to set the monitor up correctly.  Now need to sort out the controls and menu system and I can finally play Rip-Off on a vector monitor again!

Also had some problems with the PCB in the galaxian cab, so another fault finds it's way into the repair log. 

29th May 2006

Dingo still needs the high score saving sorting out, but at least the DIPS are sorted. Been doing some additional work in the garden, since we now have a little one crawling around, we needed to put a fence up to stop her from falling in the pond and scaring the fish!

Next project underway is fitting the ZVG I got many months ago into the Asteroids cabinet. No changes are being made to the cab itself, so only games that can be played using left/right/thrust/fire/hyperspace or a subset of will be included. 

6th March 2006

Now that the better weather has arrived, or at least it's stopped being below zero so often, I've started doing some cab restoration. I will get around to doing some pages for each of the cabs, but for now, here's a before and after of my Galaxian cab. Some of the elbow grease was put in by the previous owner, but that still left plenty for me to do ...


It could still do with a new bezel, since there are some cigarette burns just above the control panel, but it no longer smells of nicotine, and definately looks much better. 

Since I've now got the cab sorted to put the multigame into, I've also virtually completed the 18th game. Just have the software DIP settings and high score saving to add, but that shouldn't take long (famous last words), so here is game 18 - Dingo.

25th February 2006

After managing to inject some new life into the website (still not complete, but getting there slowly), I also was asked to do a 'special' version of the multigame for a friend to use in his mirror monitored machine. so whilst I was there, I also looked into a couple of the other requests that were still outstanding.

Firstly, I was asked, long ago, to add another dip switch setting to Frog. The noise that the fast cars make is irritating to say the least, so now you can use the setup option to turn this off.

I was also asked to add someones 'Favourite Galaxian variation' to the multigame, since it was based on galaxian, I thought it would be quite easy to do. I was wrong with that bit, but never the less, here is the 17th game to be added to the multigame, it's Moon Alien 2! Big difference from normal galaxian is the addition of the energy bar, so you now have to clear the levels against the clock. This time with single named high score entry.

14th February 2006

Just a quick update to add a new link to the the links page. The UK pinball show looks like it is going to happen again this year. There were some arcade machines, some pachinko's and loads of pinballs there last year - be sure to check it out!

12h February 2006

I've just been told that the new menu system doesn't work on Safari, so I've updated to a much newer version of the menu (this means it will not work on older browsers, so I'm hoping that not too many people fall into that category!)

I've also added the write up on repairing galaxian PCB's, so if you fancy a look at that, try finding it on the new menu.

11h February 2006

I've just been wiring up a subelectro Galaxian PCB, so added the rest of the pins to the Galaxian Pinout page. Whilst fixing it I also kept notes of what order I do things, so I will shortly be adding a 'how to repair a galaxian' page - it won't be comprehensive, but it will give a sequence to follow that I find works for most boards I have looked at over the years.

4th February 2006

I've finally ditched the 'Frontpage' look and added a drop down menu instead. It makes moving around the site much easier, and also saves me having to sort out all of the navigation links. I will also be adding some more sections to the website (for now, some will pop up as Work in Progress pages)

29th January 2006

A belated happy new year to anyone reading this, cabin has moved on a bit since last pictures, so a finished shot attached. Cabs are in place, now working through trying to get everything working - just over half way through the machines, 6 up and running, 5 left to be looked at.

Meanwhile some other changes have taken place as well, I've finally got fed up with trying to fit the website into the free webspace that I had with my old provider, and have switched providers - now have 10 times as much space, so may finally get around to adding some of the pages I keep promising (galaxian boards, bootlegs, bootleg mistakes etc) - so, welcome to my new hosting service!

Also need to finally finish the high score saver / tester / single rom board, it's been sitting around for too long now. (6502 version likely not to happen, since a very good looking high score saver has been made for that by Braze)