How to restore Macrium image to Micro SD card

You have downloaded the latest image file for the MiSTer and need to restore it to the micro SD memory card.

First you will need to connect the micro SD to your PC, this may be via a USB adapter or your PC may have one built in already. Then you will need to download the free or trial version of Macrium and install this (if you don’t already have it)

Start macrium, it will show you the drives connected to your PC. The one we wish to restore the image to in my case is listed as Disk 7 at the bottom of the screen. Mine is called MiSTer_Data (as it has been used before) and it is 8gb (7.37Gb usable)

Select “Restore” from the menu at the top and then click “Browse for an image or backup file to restore …”

Browse to the folder where you downloaded the file to, select it and click “Open”

Select the relevant drive from the image “Cabinet-Gorf-08072023-00-00.mrimg” and the clock the “Restore” icon above.

This will then show the partitions within the backup file, and prompt you to select the disk to restore to. Click on the text and …

… a popup will appear showing the drives attached to your PC. We know we want to use Disk 7 already, so we click on that.

The screen now displays a summary of what it is about to do. We can see we have picked the “Cabinet-Gorf” image file, have selected the source disk from within there and have selected “Disk 7 MBR or 7.37Gb” as the destination disk.

It is very important that you have the correct destination disk selected. If you have selected any of the main drives for your computer, you will overwrite them!!

Once you are certain that you have selected the correct disk then click “Finish”

If the drive has been used before, as mine has, then you will need to confirm that you wish to overwrite it. To do this tick the “All target volume data will be overwritten” box and then click the “Continue…” button

It will now overwrite the memory card with the new data. Upon complete windows may pop up an alert telling you that you need to format a drive before you can use it – ignore this as the partition is not in windows format.

Eject the memory card as usual, and plug it into the DE10-Nano and you should be ready to play.