This is the list of Cabs and PCB's I own. (seldom complete, because most of the time I have no idea what I actually own, what is borrowed and what I lent out!)

    Information page exists - PCB, pinouts, DIP switches 

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   Link to Manual / Schematics (DjVu Format)


Game Manufacturer Description Technical
Ameridarts American Games Trackball driven Dart Game      
Bomb Jack Bootleg Fly around the screen, pick up the bombs.       
Bomberman Bootleg Blow up everything, try not to blow up yourself.      
Boulderdash Data East The classic CBM64 game hits the arcades.      
Crazy Otto  Bootleg Pre-cursor to Ms Pacman. Maze game where you eat the dots and avoid the ghosts.    
Cup Final (2 off) Taito Football game on F3 hardware      
Dark Mist Taito Medieval commando style game      
DJ Boy Kaneko / Sega Horizontal scrolling Skate' em Up.      
Fire Trap Bootleg Crazy Climber like game with Fires added for more fun      
Galaxian Multigame Midway Shoot the dive bombing invaders + others (see Multigame page)  
Golden Tee Golf IT Trackball driven Golf Game      
H.E.R.O Century CVS Hunchback Esmerelda Rescue Operation  
Hunchback Century CVS Hunchback evades the castle guards  
Logic Pro 2 Deniam Minefield makes it to the Arcade Screen      
Make Trax Williams Paint the Maze, avoid the cats and other obstacles.  
Mr Do Universal Snowball throwing dude chased through the garden by strange monsters.    
Mr Kougar Gross German game - Like Jumping Jack on the home computer. Scramble Hardware.      
New Fantasia Comad Qix like game with naked ladies and horror pics.      
Pitfall II Sega David Crane's classic treasure hunt game from home computer in arcade form.      
Polygonet Commanders Konami 3D Battlezone with network play support.    
Pushman Sammy Push the blocks around the maze to escape to the next room.      
Puyo Puyo 2 Compile / Sega Cute Tetris style game. Japanese version.      
Scorpion Bootleg (Galaxian H/W) Scramble like game but with spiders and scorpions      
Side Arms Capcom Horizontal Scrolling Shoot'em Up      
Slap Fight Bootleg Vertical scrolling shoot em up      
Space Panic (2 Off) Universal Platform and Ladders game where you dig holes to trap monsters.  
Street Fighter 2 - World Warrior Bootleg One of many variations on this famous beat'em up.      
Super Cobra Konami Scramble but this time in a helicopter (on loan)      
Super Pang Bootleg May not be original, but that means there is no suicide battery!      
The Invaders Zaccaria Their version of the classic game. Uses an S2650 CPU.  
Toy Pop (2 off) Namco Cute maze puzzle game.      
Twin Eagle Taito Vertical scrolling helicopter shoot'em up with rock music backing track      
US Classic Taito Golfing game played with Trackball.      

System 1 Cartridges

Game Manufacturer Description Cart CP MQ
Marble Madness Atari Try and get the marble safely down the slopes. Y *  
Peter Packrat Atari Guide the rat to pick up the belongings Y *  
Road Blasters Atari Future Race where you get to shoot other cars too! 2 Y Y

* = Have overlays and metal work- need to build panels