Polygonet Commander


Board ID : GX305

Screen shots


Standard Jamma, except that the game uses two T bar controllers with fire buttons (similar to Battlezone). The game is almost playable on a standard jamma cabinet, except the steering isn't quite right!  

Ground A 1 Ground
Ground B 2 Ground
+5v C 3 +5v
+5v D 4 +5v
-5v E 5 -5v
+12v F 6 +12v
Key G 7 Key
Counter 1 H 8 Counter 2
Lockout 1 I 9 Lockout 2
Speaker + J 10 Speaker -
NC K 11 NC
Video Red L 12 Video Green
Video Blue M 13 Video Sync
Video Ground N 14 Service Switch
Test Switch O 15 Tilt Switch
Coin 1 P 16 Coin 2
Start 1 Q 17 Start 2
Left Track Up R 18 NC
Left Track Down S 19 NC
Right Track Up T 20 NC
Right Track Down U 21 NC
Left Fire V 22 NC
Right Fire W 23 NC
NC X 24 NC
NC Y 25 NC
NC Z 26 NC
Ground AA 27 Ground
Ground AB 28 Ground

Dip Switches

This game has no Dip switches. All user configurable options are adjusted from the menu accessible through pressing the on-board test switch.