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C - Capacitor List / Notes  

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Make Model Comments Technical
Amplifone 19" Raster Used in laser-disc games like Firefox.     C
A-One AM-0629 19" Korean chassis.     C
Arctic (ATW) CM-20A Unknown Model - 19" version (if you know the model number for this chassis, please let me know.     C
Atari Disco - DMC2090DT-2A/B/C       C
Electrohome G05-801       C
  G05-802/805 X/Y black-&-white vector     C
  G07-CAO 19"     C
  G07-CBO 19"     C
  G07-FBO 13"     C
  G08-003/004 X/Y color vector     C
Eygo 828HB 727 27"     C
  1520H-G07 19"     C
Hantarex MTC-9000 Standard-resolution M S C
  Polo All models ?     C
Hitachi K14C-5080 13" black-&-white raster monitor.     C
Kortek KT-1915 / KJ-XX15 Distributed by Happ Controls     C
  KT-2001SF 19"     C
  KT-2725 Distributed by Sharp Image     C
  KT-M26 Distributed by Sharp Image     C
  KTMF-2641M Distributed by Sharp Image     C
  KTX-26       C
Matsushita 14" If you know an actual model number, let me know.     C
  TM-201G       C
  TM-202G       C
Motorola M-5000 / M-7000 / KV-700 19"-23" black-&-white raster monitor     C
Nanao 200-0039/KB240331B Same as Sega MC-2000-S     C
  200-5044/KB240331D Same as Sega MC-2030-S     C
  MS8-26SU 25" dual-res monitor     C
  MS9-29  27" monitor     C
Neotec 500DXB-7  27"     C
  NT-2700, NT-2701, NT-2702, NT3500, NT3501, and NT3506 Not sure if it is a list that covers all models and some are not used on certain models. 

If you find out your version does not use certain caps, please inform me

  NT-25E/NT-2515C       C
  NT-S501 Pay attention to the note at the bottom of the capacitor list     C
Orion OC-2021       C
  PWB-2022       C
Pentranic PC-1019       C
Promax 828HB 727 Same as the Eygo model.     C
  1820H       C
Sanwa PM1718       C
Sanyo 14-AZZ       C
  20-EZV       C
  20-EZY       C
  20-YZL       C
  20-Z2AW       C
Sega MC-2000-S  Same as Nanao 200-0039 / KB240331B.     C
  MC-2030-S  Same as Nanao 200-5044 / KB240331D.     C
Segai SE-M21C Sold by Happ     C
Sharp Image KT-2725 Made by Kortek     C
  KT-M26 Made by Kortek     C
  KTMF-2641M Made by Kortek     C
  SI-324 Standard resolution     C
  SI-325  Medium resolution     C
  SI-727R-DS Dual Scan?     C
Tatung EC9387-01 Found in some Merit Megatouch machines     C
Toei CM-A20HC       C
  CM-F20U       C
  CM-R14AA       C
  TC-A292N 3       C
Toshiba D29CR55       C
Wei-Ya 2620HR       C
Wells-Gardner D9200 Based off the 27D9202 chassis. 

This is the complete listing. Several sites offer cap kits for this chassis, but they are not complete

  K4500       C
  K4600  Normal 19" K4600 listing     C
  K4606  Alternate 19" K4600 version     C
  K4700 13" version of K4600.     C
  K4800 13" version of the K4900     C
  K4900 Normal 19" K4900 listing     C
  K4906 Alternate 19" K4900 listing     C
  K5515 25" medium-resolution     C
  K6100 X/Y color vector     C
  K70##,K71##,K76##,K78##,K79## (where ## is any number) - Matches 19" and 25" versions M S C
  K7201       C
  K7203       C
  K7302       C
  K7400 25/27" standard-resolution.     C
  K7501 25/27" medium-resolution. Not sure if this matches the K7502 or not.     C
  39K7601 39" monitor     C
  V1000  Black-&-white raster.     C
  V1002  Black-&-white raster.     C
  V2000 19" black-&-white vector monitor.     C
Zenith DT1 D12 12" black-&-white found in Atari Subs.     C