Arcade Related

Although the name may indicate that the site is dedicated to modern beat'em ups, the people you will find on the forum can help with anything from space invaders to tekken tag!

A friends website, with loads of information, repair logs and other useful material. So when you have finished here, give the pic a click

(This is where the version of Lady Bug that is now in Mame and the mulitgame came from originally)

Another friends site, again loads of useful information, repair logs and the tidiest repair bench I have ever seen.

Videogame forum, been in existance since the start of the century, and was an IRC chatroom and mailing list before that. 

If you want to learn how to fix things, PSU's, Monitor's, Pinball, PCB's you name it, almost anything arcade related - look here. 

I can recommend his Big Blue Book - all sorts of useful information in one place

TV and Monitor Information

A good site that tells you anything that you ever wished to know about monitors and several other electronic devices.

The Giant Internet IC Masturbator

Need a pinout for an IC, then you should be looking around about here!

Home of the PinDMD USB Pinball DMD interface board (now up to version 3 with full colour possibilities)



Mame may almost be the only kid on the block when it comes to arcade emulation, but because the source code is freely available, it can be a useful utility for experimenting with multi-game hacks, game coding and is in invaluable source of memory maps for repairing PCB's. 

It also has uses in finding out if a game is as good as you remember for when you see that PCB for sale on E-Bay.